St Joseph Shelter in Bukavu, DR Congo, Africa 
Raising funds and awareness to restore hope for young victims of atrocious war crimes in DR Congo.

For over 10 years, Father Donato Lwiyando and a dedicated team of volunteers have devoted their energy to passionately support poor communities affected by war in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa.  St Joseph Shelter (Hope of St Joseph Shelter Inc - Canada) provides safe housing, guidance and skill development to abused and sexually exploited women and their new-born children victims of war. 
“Saint Joseph Shelter” is a response to one of the serious consequences of the war in the DR Congo, especially in the east of the country. This war started in August 2, 1998, and has killed more than 6 million people. 

Illegal profit from the mineral trade is the main motive for armed groups to create and sustain war and violence in the D.R. Congo.  More than seven million people have died as consequence of this situation and inconceivable human rights abuses happen every day.
Many women and young girls are the most vulnerable and defenseless victims of this conflict; they are kidnapped, raped, injured and scarred for life.
Hope of St. Joseph Shelter Inc. (Hope is Life) is a Canadian organization trying to restore hope for many young girls who escape these conditions; we support the St. Joseph Shelter in Bukavu, R.D. Congo.
We urge you today to become part of this project of love and hope.